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The canyoning, downhill canyon that is for many fans of extreme sports on top of the outdoor activities. The walk between enormous vertical rocks and through narrow passages, the vertigo of height, the cliff descent (rappel) in cascade using special equipment, swim in the cool waters, is an original adventure for demanding the calling experience. Pelion is offered particularly for sports with the beautiful gorges such as Mylopotamos Fakistras etc. RIDING Riding Mountain and contact with the sounds and scenery of nature is not a luxury, it is an experience that will revitalize your body and soul. You, thus, to explore the region through breathtaking routes. Many farms and ippikoinaturalist groups, scattered in Pelion await you. Such cycling mountain biking terrain or in your dreams: streets, paths, rural dirt roads for all levels and preferences. From leisurely strolls with the family to mountain trails through beech and descents that shoot adrenaline.
Such a bike ride not even in your dreams: Cobblestones, trails, dirt roads for all levels and tastes. From relaxed walks with the family to mountain trails through the beeches and downhills that launch the adrenaline rush.
Τhe "Volos City Cultural Tour" is open to all visitors of the area. It is a bike tour of the city of Volos, where participants will have the opportunity to visit the main museums and attractions. Duration 3,5 hours.

Degree of difficulty * (easy).

Dates: Daily, all year