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Evilion Hotel

The Traditional Hotel in Pelion is located in the center of scenic Makrinitsa has four double rooms, one triple and two-room suites with a fireplace, one of which has a balcony. Each room is unique and distinct from the others, as their names are inspired by Greek Mythology. Built in 1856, originally served as the residence and the renovation and conversion of a hostel was according to Pelion's architecture, while maintaining the traditional Pelion style with stone walls 70 cm, wooden floors and ceilings are traditional wooden windows, carved furniture and decoration.
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Traditional hotel Evilion at Makrinitsa of Pelion - Evilion Hotel

Traditional hotel Evilion at Makrinitsa of Pelion

Traditional Mansion Evilion 1856 has free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, private bathroom and the dining room with its fireplace offers a rich homemade breakfast. Access to Makrinitsa Village is via Portaria. Cars are not allowed passing or parking in this unique traditional village. There is a public parking in the village.

Evilion1856 is located 300m from the central square of the village. Breathless panoramic view to Volos and the sea of Pagasitikos Golf.


Balcony of Pelion
"Balcony of Pelion" to say and it will be the findings immediately, seeing the spectacular views of Volos and Pagasitikos as you wander the streets of. It is built in tiers so that the first houses in Koukourava district, lie at an altitude of 300 m., while the latter, in Kakouna district, at an altitude of 850 meters. the central "Peace Square" somewhere in the middle.


Accommodation in Pelion

Comfortable traditional rooms & villas
Γιάννης Σι.
Αύγ 2019
Greece   Greece
Φοβερή φιλοξενία σε ένα πανέμορφο αρχοντικό από μια μοναδική οικογένεια.
Πάνω απ' όλα οι αξέχαστες στιγμές του πρωινού! Με την κιθάρα του Γιάννη, τη φωνή της Καλλιόπης και την αυθόρμητη συμμετοχή των επισκεπτών ζήσαμε μοναδικές στιγμές τραγουδώντας και απολαμβάνοντας την εκπληκτική θέα του "μπαλκονιού... ++

Jonatan Jonsson
Italy   Italy
Come for the views, stay for the hospitality and wonderfully cozy rooms.... ++

evita S
Αύγ 2017
Θεσσαλονίκη Ελλάδα   Ελλάδα
Ο ξενώνας της Θωμαϊτσας
Πολύ όμορφο αρχοντικό στη Μακρυνίτσα. Χτισμένο γύρω στο 1850 και αναπαλαιωμένο όπως έπρεπε έτσι ώστε να είναι εναρμονισμένο με το αρχικό κτίσμα και το πανέμοσρφο χωριό. Για τους σινεφίλ και τους λάτρεις της λογοτεχνίας στη σουίτα... ++