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Activities in Pelion

Hiking in Pelion - Evilion Hotel

Hiking in Pelion

The ideal place for walks and hiking in a beautiful natural environment, adorned with beautiful arched bridges and public fountains (fountains). Many of the paths of Pelion built in the 18th 19th century, paved with stones (streets) and were the communication roads between the villages and ports of Pelion. With the passage oftime many of them were destroyed or made forest roads, but some remained in good condition until today, they have been rehabilitated and marked and included in maps of the area. In the northern part of the mountain bordering Mavrovouni leads the national path 02 starting from Olympus and arrives at Zagora Pelion. Nick first hike with the "Pelion guide book for walkers" recorded 93 walks that cover the entire mountain.

Descriptions of hiking routes can also be found online on the Internet. Display the trails can be found in Pelion map "ENTOS". For short trips in the area, worth walking in the "Path of the Centaurs" The trail starts at the "Chrisoula Zogia 'Square just before Portaria walking parallel to the stream of the river uphill to reach "sources Stis Manas". Thence continuing right, the road passes through the district Karavos Portaria, then the square of Portaria and from there back to the same place from where you started.

Also the paths linking the ten districts of Makrinitsa offered for walks and contemplation in nature all year round. The smells and the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, the city of Volos and the sea causing the visitor to get lost in the winding and picturesque streets and discover old mansions and houses with courtyards, Byzantine churchesand stone or marble fountains with running water and made forlittle one with nature.

SKI CENTER - Evilion Hotel


Ski Center is one of the most beautiful ski the whole of Greece, into a unique landscape of beech forest and prerogative incredible views of two seas, the Aegean and Pagasitikos. Even when the weather is clear, the glance reaches Mount Athos! An unusual and wonderful experience you will not find anywhere else, even if you just go for a walk. Located in "Agriolefkes" position, just above the Chania- at an altitude of 1500m. At the site works Shop with restaurant, bar and ski rental faculties.There is also a shelter with capacity for 80 people, a restaurant and cafeteria.

CANYONING - Evilion Hotel


The canyoning, downhill canyon that is for many fans of extreme sports on top of the outdoor activities. The walk between enormous vertical rocks and through narrow passages, the vertigo of height, the cliff descent (rappel) in cascade using special equipment, swim in the cool waters, is an original adventure for demanding the calling experience. Pelion is offered particularly for sports with the beautiful gorges such as Mylopotamos Fakistras etc. RIDING Riding Mountain and contact with the sounds and scenery of nature is not a luxury, it is an experience that will revitalize your body and soul. You, thus, to explore the region through breathtaking routes. Many farms and ippikoinaturalist groups, scattered in Pelion await you. Such cycling mountain biking terrain or in your dreams: streets, paths, rural dirt roads for all levels and preferences. From leisurely strolls with the family to mountain trails through beech and descents that shoot adrenaline.


Riding the mountain and getting in touch with the sounds and landscapes of nature is not a luxury, it is an experience that will rejuvenate your body and soul. You can also explore the area through fascinating routes. Many farms and equestrian-nature clubs are scattered all over Pelion.


Such a bike ride not even in your dreams: Cobblestones, trails, dirt roads for all levels and tastes. From relaxed walks with the family to mountain trails through the beeches and downhills that launch the adrenaline rush.


Love for the beauty of mountains and life in nature gave birth to the idea to organize an interactive group. A group of the forest friends, Thanos Nikakis, Orestes Nikaki, and Stelios Kosmopoulos share with visitors of Pelion knowledge, giving a unique action experience in nature, for adults and children, Greeks and foreigners who want to experience the magic of the mountain. With excellent equipment and responsible guidance, you can do archery, fly fox and climbing the mountain of Centaurs. The activities held throughout the year at selected sites in Pelion for small or large groups, for all ages. Experience a unique adventure in nature and become part of life of the Centaurs mountain.